Immerse yourself in Wellbeing, Adventure and Exploration in these Adventures


Accelerate Your Transformation

If you’d like to hang out with me in person while enhancing your health, mindset, and way of being, the best place to do so is at one of my Adventures!


These events provide the optimal environment to experience accelerated transformation and personal breakthroughs, cultivate life-long friendships with other guests, and establish a clear game plan for post-retreat success.


I look forward to spending time with you at one of our Adventures this year and getting to know more about you!



Stellar awareness, precision facilitation and kindness, the big 3 in a coach! Jennifer has an amazing way of facilitating you into your greatest potential. I highly recommend her classes and private sessions!


Cory Michelle

Unicorn CEO and Creator of

Art of Living Crazy Possible


Saskatchewan, August 22 to 25th, 2019


I came to Saskatchewan in October 2019 

I loved it so much I am coming back in August 2019!  

Will I see you there? We are looking at creating so much together!


This class is such an invitation for you to get out of your own way and have a life and living where you know what lights you up and actually adds to your life, and absolutely what does not add!


The class participants last year thought they had problems with money and relationships and left knowing exactly what they needed to do, themselves to create more ease and dare I say fun with both areas. 


Looking at creating a new relationship with you? With your life?  With your finances and business? This class is inviting you to so much more than that! 


Daily excursions and experiments to enhance the life changing transformational tools in

the Access Consciousness Foundation Class. 


Vancouver, September 11th to 15th, 2019


I left the lower mainland in February of 2017 and now I am back due to the special request of the amazing Kimberley Best!

Will I see you there? We are looking at creating so much together!


This class is such an invitation for you to step into the conscious being that you have been inviting.  The land on the North Shore is so inviting and gorgeous and is ready to gift to you. 


This class is an invitation in being fully present in your life, your living and your reality... beyond anyone's expectations of you.. even yours!


Looking at creating a new relationship with you? With your body?  With your finances and business? This class is inviting you to so much more than that! 


Daily body work in magical places and energy experiments to enhance

the life changing transformational tools in

the Access Consciousness Foundation Class. 


This is Me:

Jennifer Cramer Lewis


Global Entrepreneurial Business and Profitability Coach with

20 Years Big Business Experience,

International Speaker and Workshop Leader,

Internationonal Best Selling Author

Creator of Audacious Ask TV and the Audacious Podcast 

Unapologetically Pragmatic Profitability Specialist 

Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator


​I have truly been there and back again.


Over the last 8 years as a coach and facilitator, my clients have cured life-threatening illnesses, dumped chronic body pain, repaired broken homes, left abusive ones, met their dream partner and fallen in love all while growing their businesses and dropping their barriers to having more money, energy and vitality than they ever thought possible.


I adore my clients so much that its very easy for me to see when they are telling themselves stories about what they can and cannot achieve, so I don't believe them. 


I gently assist my clients to steer their businesses towards the clients and creations that light them up and away from the ones that drain them. 

  • Elegance I adore having a simple elegant life where I don't feel hurried or stressed about much.  I love assisting my clients to ask questions about what is causing stress in their lives and adding tools and strategies to save on the frazzle and doubling down on the dazzle. How much more fun would that be for you and your future?

  • Energy I am a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator® and am trained to teach you how to use your body and energetic field to it's best advantage.  Instead of ignoring that you have a body, I show you how to ask it questions!  I wonder what your body already knows about creating your amazing delicious future?


What can You Expect from Jennifer Cramer Lewis?


Other than it will be so fun, never boring and you will leave lighter and brighter?

  • Clarity


    Instead of spinning or sharing your dreams and ideas with a facilitator who simply can't "get it" this retreat includes loads of question based facilitation, which adds so much clarity that you will wonder what you did before you experienced it.

  • Caring


    My business succeeds only when you fully step into owning and acknowledging how much of a superstar you really are. I care  deeply about how thrilled you are with your whole life.  When it gets hard, and it will get hard, I am the one who will be a consistent caring coach for you and a life-buoy for your business. I am not going to disappear, you can choose as little or as much facilitation as you require to accelerate your transformations after the retreat and into your "real life".  

  • Connoisseur


    Like a young wine, I am able to see you grow, develop and change in this retreat.  You don't see the changes because you are right in the middle of them.  I have seen the things you have been asking for take root and can accurately predict when it's time for you to ask for even more and encourage you to reach for them. 

  • Confidence


    There will be times when you want to "Quit" or get super frustrated or angry . I will be there to have confidence in you when yours has disappeared for a minute or two. I see what you are capable of when you are not sure it's even possible. Feel free to fully express yourself in this retreat.  I have your back.  The other participants have your back.  There is also so much transformation available in the body work sections of these retreats.  We design some of the work to be done in very healing locations so that you can receive way more from the Earth. 


What Would We Talk About?


Wait, are we going to share our "FEELINGS"?

NOPE, not if it isn't going to create more for you. 

  • Creating a Profitable Business


    Are you in business to have a business, or to make money and create cool tasty things that light you up? We work together to create your profitable business,  based on what delights and ignites you, not anyone else's idea of success or profitability. Don't have a business?  What if I told you that "business" is the adventure of life and living? Ask business or money questions, get great information about what you can choose next. 

  • Creating Creativity


    Ever accidentally shared a stellar idea with someone who just could not get it at all,  so they told you it was a terrible idea, so you didn't do it, only to kick yourself in the head later?  Yeah, me too.  This won't happen with me, in fact we can strategize on how to License or Patent it! Ask questions about this in your retreat! 

  • Creating a Truly Delightful Personal Life


    Tapping into the people, places and possibilities that truly delight you and asking for way more of them to show up with key tips and strategies to keep that flow of fun in every area of your life.  Your business or work is supposed to enhance this area of your life, not take away from it.  

  • Cutting the Crap


    Know those days when you get everything done and just flow through them? Also the days where you pretty much bump your elbow on everything?  Me too!  


    That's why we set you up with some multidimensional real life strategies to get you into the flow and out of the muck, sustainably. 


    Ever left a retreat with no idea how to implement the changes in "real life"?


    Me too, that's why we do our experiment excursions and our body work in amazing places. 


Don't take My Word For It, Ask Tracy Instead

Tracy is my business client who has a retail and energetic coaching business. Tracy also hosted

my 4 day Access Consciousness™ Workshop in Humboldt Saskatchewan, home of the Broncos. 

Tracy had so much fun learning to create a 10 out of 10 life that includes

her business, her body and her bank account. 

Don't take My Word For It, Ask Alyona Instead

Alyona had so much fun learning to create her 10/10 life including asking some hard questions about her life and who she was allowing into it. 

Alyona is now ready to ask everything to be an addition to her life and not to drain her emotionally or physically. 

Don't take My Word For It, Ask Robyn Instead

Robyn is a go-getter who spends a lot of time in her business, she was worried about being away for the whole 5 days and that she'd have a lot of fires

to put out when she came back. 

Robyn learned that she doesn't have to let everything into her life and that there is a lot to be said about curating her relationships and also that taking time out for her was valuable and necessary to create more for herself and her business!

Don't take My Word For It, Ask Carolle Instead

Carolle was positive she wanted to take 5 Days to Change Your Life but had never spent that much money on ANYTHING just for her before

Carolle received so much making an investment in herself .. listen to her feedback...

What Else are My

Clients Saying?


"Working with Jennifer has been one of the most game-changing decisions I have made in years: in all aspects of my life. Within our first few sessions my business began flourishing and my personal was reinvigorated - the overall energy and motivation I have is with clarity and purpose. Seven months later, the shifts and evolution have been incredible. I am truly excited about what is yet to come. 

Personally, I require someone to hold the mirror up in front of my face to genuinely *see* what is occurring. Without escape from myself and by means of her seeking and empathic inquisitive questions and Wonders, are like breadcrumbs leading me down my own path to discovering what I have allowed to hold me back or unnecessarily be present in my life. And that has been the massive breakthrough for me.

I simply love her approach that is a unique blend of kindness and direct accountability. Her ability to weave in reminders that I must take care of myself first, throw myself a congratulatory party (or open that bottle of bubbly) for my accomplishments, and how to create boundaries with kindness, are absolutely invaluable lessons for me. 

Jennifer has taught me how to unlock my true potential. Potentials and Possibilities I have only dreamed of and those I had not even thought of before. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"


RB, CEO and Owner, Environmental Consulting Firm, Canada



 I have a simple one minute survey to get to the gold nuggets of what truly lights you up in your life.



    How does this workshop work? 


    Inviting your body and your being to drop all of the things that are holding you back and take flight with transformational tools and facilitation. 


    At this moment I have English speaking clients in Canada, USA, Russia, UK, Germany, India, Indonesia and Australia. 

    • 5 Days to Change Your Life sessions are scheduled 5 concurrent days so that you get to live with the tools and processes that you are learning and take them with you.  

    • Your Body Often transformational workshops ignore the body. I don't do that.  This workshop includes clearing processes to begin to delete the years or even lifetimes where you have not consulted  or even communicated with your Body. 

    • Recordings Sessions are recorded so you can listen again to check what you said, and what I said, and have a deeper connection to your transformational work the second time around. 

    • Group Sessions  Isn't that scary? I have a way of showing you how to ask questions using your body as a compass. It's not me telling you what to ask.   How refreshing is that?  There may be other people in the group asking questions too.  You get the facilitation that works for you while they are asking their own questions.   It's so cool who shows up in class together.  The manual has so many juicy real life topics that we can choose to jump-off from. 

    • Energy I am a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator trained in advanced energy techniques, facilitating you and  your body to light up, switch on and activate. While these are not immediately visible, you will notice a palpable shift in your energies during and after 5 Days to Change Your Life. Clients report feeling so much happier and ignited after this workshop, with the tools to stay lit up and motivated. 



    You Know that Old Saying?


    If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got... 


    I am here to present a different future to you... are you ready to choose it?

    If you are, then let's get going!


    One More...


    "Wow!! What a great session. I have been a healer and teacher for over 40 years. Jennifer listened with “ears that hear” & really got the sense of my business and the hopes and dreams it was born to create and bring into the world. Her insights were so right on and her kindness and obvious commitment to me & my work when making suggestions, allowed me to choose for myself what would work for me. I felt supported and appreciated, and now, I can’t wait for our next session!

    Highly recommended!"

     Dr. RJ.  Chronic Pain Consultant, USA



    DECEMBER 2020


    IT'S DECEMBER 2020

    Where are you?  

    What choices have you made?  


    Who did you add to your life?  Who did you delete?

    Who's still in your life and not adding to it?


     Did you succeed in achieving your targets?  

    Who celebrated with you?  Who didn't?


    One of the biggest frustrations I get in my business is when clients let me know that they wanted to work with me but chose another coach because they were local, because they were cheaper, because they were recommended by a friend.... 


    Then they worked with that coach and lost time, lost money, lost their creative juices, lost clients and most heartbreakingly lost confidence ...... then finally chose to work with me. 


    If you've worked with a coach before, and I bet you have,  you know what I mean. 


    If you are reading this sentence, I am betting we are meant to work together. 


    DO you believe in Serendipity?


    I DO.


    Can't Wait to See What You Choose and Create in 2019!


    Jennifer CramerLewis


    Jennifer is a master facilitator! She gets to the point and follows the energy of the bits & pieces that might be stuck or not working for you. She assists in opening doors of new possibilities. Is now the time to go to that space? Jennifer's your gal! So many talents & abilities, Jennifer walks her talk & continues to create more change joy & money for herself and her clients! If you’re ready to step into a new space of Being


    J J, Artist and Performer