The Audacious Ask Show goes live twice a month and you and your bodacious body are so invited to come and play with these new Audacious Ask System tools and really begin to master the Audacious Ask. Below you will find our Vault of previous episodes!

AATV#16 How Can I Learn to Trust My Body?

How deep listening to the body's wisdom can increase our communication and trust with our bodies.​

Often we override the subtle and not so subtle messages our body's give us. What if instead we began to communicate with our bodies and to deeply listen? This practice can lead to trusting your body and following it's own innate wisdom.

AATV#22 How Can I Change the Pain in My Body?

How much does your body pick up on other peoples bodies and the environment you are in?

Did you know your body is highly aware of the environment around you? How often have you walked into a room after someone has had a disagreement and you could sense the tension with your body? If you listen to your body, what else could it tell you?

AATV#29 What is My Body Trying to Say to Me?

Tips to learn to listen to your body so it can whisper it's messages rather than having to yell.

What is your body trying to tell you? How do you listen to it's whispers and nuances before they become pain or illness?

AATV#49 Is This Pain I'm Having? Or is it Something Else?

Messages from the body may seem come as intensity and pain.

Do You Experience Pain In Your Body All The Time? If you talked to your body, what does it want to tell you about this?


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