The Audacious Ask Show goes live twice a month and you and your bodacious body are so invited to come and play with these new Audacious Ask System tools and really begin to master the Audacious Ask. Below you will find our Vault of previous episodes!

AATV#7 How Do You Stop Making The Same Old Choices?

Getting off autopilot and beginning to make choices that work for you.​

Are you on Automatic Pilot continually making the same old choices that no longer work for you? Join Jennifer Cramer Lewis for an enlightening conversation about actually making choices that work for you.

AATV#8 How Can I Survive When Life Is Hard? Other Than Potato Chips & Red Wine

Choosing what is light and fun for you rather than using force or effort.​

Are you doing things the Hard Way instead of Choosing things that are light and fun for you? What if the things that actually ignite your business are not by using Force & Effort or Working even Harder?

AATV#22 How Do You Change Things That Won't Work For You?

Letting go of the should's and have to's to change what's not working for you.​

How can you change the parts of your life or business that are not working for you? What would happen if you let go of all the should's and have to's? Would you then be able to have a the space to create something new?

AATV#13 How Can I Get Over My Frustrations?

Letting go of judgements and thought patterns that keep you spinning your wheels.

Do you ever feel frustrated? As if you are spinning your wheels? What if when you let go of the judgements and thought patterns that you have around particular things, then your frustration can melt away with ease?

AATV#1 What To Do When You Feel Stressed and Flat as a Pancake?

What can you do when you are flattened by stress? How to get you unfrozen, unlocked and become more of you again?

AATV#21 What Can You Do When You Feel Exhausted?

When you're exhausted what can you do to overcome it or move beyond it? Is there something you are doing that is increasing it? What is your body telling you?


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