The Audacious Ask Show goes live twice a month and you and your bodacious body are so invited to come and play with these new Audacious Ask System tools and really begin to master the Audacious Ask. Below you will find our Vault of previous episodes!

AATV#9 How Do I Predict The Future Without a Time Machine?

How to put things into place now to create the kind of future you desire.


What can you put into place NOW so you can begin to have the FUTURE that would be fun and delectable for you? What can you do now to have much more ease in the Future?

AATV#11 How Can I Talk About What I Do In My Business Without Going Mute or Blurting?

Giving nuggets of information to engage people and have them ask for more.

When people ask you about your business or your services do you either completely blank or talk too much and overwhelm them with information? What if you gave people little nuggets of information that entice them to ask questions and find out more?

AATV#18 What Can I Do To Get Clarity With My Business?

Questions you can ask to get clarity on what steps you can take and what direction you may want to go in.​

How can you get clarity on the next steps to take in your business if you are not sure? What questions could you ask to become clear on which way to go?

AATV#36 How Do You Get Your Clients To Pay You?

How to shift from being awkward asking for payment so you clients will be glad to pay you. Energy flows.

Do you find it easy to ask your clients for payment? Or is it awkward and uncomfortable for you? What can you do so your clients are actually grateful to be able to pay you?

AATV#57 If Your Book Could Talk, What Would It Tell You?

Tapping into your book or other creations to see what information & inspiration it may have for you​.

If you took the time to sit with your book - or whatever it is you are creating - and You Tap In what would it say to you? What information and what inspiration might it hold for you?

AATV#52 How Can I Stay Present & Not Go Back To The Past To Attract My Future?

Instead of creating life the past what else can you do to be present now & have a different future? ​

Far to often we may find ourselves dwelling on the past. What if we didn't look to the past for examples and reasons to make ourselves wrong or to stop from choosing something new in our lives?

AATV#44 How Can I Choose Marketing Material That Fits My Business?

Tapping into your business to see what it desires now and in the future.

Are you looking to create a business brand? What if you could have Marketing Materials that you could use now AND would also work for your business in the future? Could you plan to have both? Have you identified your ideal client?

AATV#7 How Can I Do Business The Right Way?

How to shift from being awkward asking for payment so you clients will be glad to pay you. Energy flows.

Looking at what you do brilliantly to change the places you start & stop on yourself.

AATV#41 How Can I Travel And Have A Business?

It isn't about having either or you can have both and have fun in the process.​

Have you made decisions about business and travel? What if you didn't have to choose one or the other but instead could have both? What steps could you take? What if it could be far more fun than you ever imagined?

AATV#43 How Do You Get Your Clients To Pay You?

Fun, potential places you can go to meet people to expand your business organically.​

What social events could you go to, that would be a fun and also a potential place that could expand and increase your business in a natural, organic way? And what if it has nothing to do with being pushy or having increased business be your ulterior motive?


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