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AATV#14 How Many Spam Filters Stop You From Having A Relationship?

How to be aware of the filters and let them go so you can allow relationship, friends & biz in​?

How many filters do you have that stop you from meeting a luscious lover .... great friends or even making more money?

AATV#28 What Does A Juicy Relationship Add To Your Life?

Who might be ready to explore a juicy relationship with you? What could that add to your life and business?​

What could a juicy delicious relationship add to your life? What could it add to your business? Who might be ready to explore one with you?

AATV#45 What Can I Do To Attract Someone Into My Life?

When we take the time to do things we love and treat ourselves and go to new places, who can we meet?​


What are some of the places that you can go, while you enjoy yourself and you treat yourself to something that is fun for you, where you might meet someone who you would enjoy?

AATV#42 What Can I Do To Be Free Of People's Judgements As I Leave My Relationship?

Things you can do to support yourself so you are not at the effect of the judgement of family & friends​

What ways can you support, nurture and care for yourself during a relationship breakup instead of being at the effect of other people's judgements? Come Join Jennifer Cramer Lewis for this enlightening conversation.


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