The Audacious Ask Show goes live twice a month and you and your bodacious body are so invited to come and play with these new Audacious Ask System tools and really begin to master the Audacious Ask. Below you will find our Vault of previous episodes!

AATV#10 What If You Had A Hater? Would You Show Up Anyway?

How to stop staying small so everyone will like you.​

Do you hold yourself back so everybody will like you? Instead of making yourself small so you don’t stand out, would you be willing to shine anyway?

AATV#24 How Do You Become Famous & Actually Enjoy Standing Out From The Crowd

Would you be willing to let yourself be seen and embrace your gifts?​


The World Requires Your Brilliance Now. Would you be willing too stand out from the crowd and let yourself be seen? Would you be willing to embrace your celebrity so the world can experience your gifts? What kind of character or stage persona could you play that would make it more fun for you?


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