The Audacious Ask Show goes live twice a month and you and your bodacious body are so invited to come and play with these new Audacious Ask System tools and really begin to master the Audacious Ask. Below you will find our Vault of previous episodes!

AATV#3 How Much $ is Too Much?

Stretching outside of your comfort zone with money. Who would you be if you are truly being you with money?

How much money are you comfortable with having or receiving? What would be outside of your comfort zone? Would you be willing to stretch and have more?

AATV#25 Do My Thoughts and Beliefs Limit How Much Money I Have?

How to change the mindset that may be limiting money flow.​

What thoughts and beliefs do you have on replay that could be limiting the money coming into your life? What can you do to change that mindset?

AATV#49 How Can I Stop Waiting Until The Last Minute to Create Money?

Continually creating money throughout the month rather than waiting until the last minute. What can you add?

What if rather than waiting until the very last minute to create the money you need each month, instead you created continuous, ongoing and excessive amounts of money for yourself? Wouldn't that be a lot more fun? How many revenue streams can you engage and play with?

AATV#40 How Can I Stop Limiting Myself With Money? 

Often we decide we have to do certain things to have money or when we have money. Putting yourself on hold as you wait for the money to come.​

Have you decided that there are particular things you have to do to increase your income? What if you don't have to work way more hours or work really, really hard? Are you willing to stand out from the crowd and be different?

AATV#38 What Will I Have to Do If I Ask for More Money?

Letting go of the limits that stop us from receiving more money.

How much money will you allow yourself to have? Are there places where you limit how much you could receive? What if you could have much more that you ever considered was possible before?

AATV#36 How Do You Get Your Clients To Pay You?

Pulling energy to get people to pay you.

Do you find it easy to ask your clients for payment? Or is it awkward and uncomfortable for you? What can you do so your clients are actually grateful to be able to pay you?

AATV#23 How Can I Have MORE Without Working Too Hard?

Choosing to do things with flow and ease without expecting things to fall out of thin air.

There is a a difference between choosing to do things with ease and expecting what you desire to appear out of thin air with no effort on your part. Would you be willing instead to have your tasks to flow easily rather than effort? What if when you take a moment and check in with what is required in that instant everything you do becomes enjoyable?

AATV#30 How Do You Double Your Income This Month?

Things you can put in place, questions you can ask and who can you call or reach out to?


What can you put in place this month that will increase your income? What or who could you add to your business or life now? who is waiting for a call from you and doesn't know it yet?


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