Ever Wondered Why Parking Spot Karma Is So Damn Easy?


Me Too!  What if it is just that easy to create more money, greater fun and delicious exciting adventures, easier relationships, a more vital and pain free body, a job that inspires you, finally feeling ignited about life in all areas including a profitable thriving business?


But... Can it Really Be THAT EASY?


In my experience facilitating thousands of people to change things that they were 10,000% sure were never going to work for them, it truly can be that EASY!


All that is required is to use some tools to access the stuck space, ask some questions, offer some facilitation and viola!  


It is as easy as pie, perhaps even easier! How about that?


Who Am I?

9 Years ago, I was stuck, scared, hopeless and made a radical demand to change something so I could finally want to stay on the planet not only for me but for my two boys who needed me not only alive BUT happy too. 


Along came something amazing called Access Consciousness® that showed me how much I was aware of, how freaking psychic I was and that I was here to create change, real change. I dived in and obtained my Certified Facilitator in 8 months! I don't know how I finished all those classes!


Now, I use my talents and awareness in so many fun and cool ways!  I facilitate classes worldwide (even in Russia) showing people simple pragmatic tools with a dash of my crystal ball of awareness and invite them to have so much more in their lives. 


I noticed that one of the ways people could change was by Audaciously Asking for MORE instead of the less that they were programmed to ask for.  Strange?  YES!  


Facilitating them how to ask for more has created GIANT breakthroughs.


Clients getting contracts worth hundreds of thousands, doubling and tripling their income, dumping chronic body pain, nagging doubt and depression, dumping vampiric and narcissistic relationships and attracting nurturing, generous loving ones all while dropping their barriers to having fun and making real money in their business


Clients tune in via Zoom Worldwide, some at Midnight and all are creating Audacious transformations. 


Is that something you'd like?  An Audacious Ask? To have and create More?  If so, it is my pleasure and delight to invite you to attend as my guest, free of charge for you.  


We Go LIVE Mondays at

3PM Pacific 

6 PM Eastern

11 PM London

8 AM Melbourne




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